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Birthdate:Nov 13

"The three of us will always be one."

"Maybe... I should fade into the darkness here."

"It's my friends. I promised I'd be there for them."

One of three Keyblade wielders who played a pivotal role in a historic clash more than a dozen years ago. To save a friend, she cast herself into the realm of darkness, never to be seen again.

and another one bites the dust. oh, why can i not conquer love? and i might have thought that we were one, wanted to fight this war without weapons. you did not break me. i'm still fighting for peace. i've got thick skin and an elastic heart, but your blade, it might be too sharp. i'm like a rubberband until you pull too hard. i may snap and i move fast, but you won't see me fall apart 'cause i've got an elastic heart. and i will stay up through the night. let's be clear, won't close my eyes, and I know that I can survive. i'll walk through fire to save my life. and i want it, i want my life so bad. i'm doing everything I can, then another one bites the dust. it's hard to lose a chosen one. you did not break me. i'm still fighting for peace

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