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Player: Michelle
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Character: Aqua
Age: No canon age given, but I'd put her around 19.
Canon: Kingdom Hearts
Canon Point: End of the Secret Episode.

Background: Here.

Personality: Aqua, above all else, possesses an exceedingly kind heart. She cares about people, truly and deeply, and isn't afraid to show it. Very much the mom friend, Aqua is a near-constant worrier; she does all she can to ensure her friends and innocents are safe and protected. Even if she's just met them, if Aqua senses that a person's heart is good and true, she will go to great lengths to protect them. For example, when she meets young Kairi in Radiant Garden, Aqua makes sure to get her to safety before leaping into action against the Unversed that appear in the vicinity. She's more than willing to help out people who need it, too; partly this is out of her duty as a Keyblade Master, but mostly because she wants to help people. Aqua doesn't expect payment for her actions; others' happiness is more than enough.

However, Aqua's kindness can edge into being overbearing and pushy. She means well, but as Aqua is very much the "mom friend," she can be blinded by her desire to see Ventus in particular safely home. Numerous times throughout the story, Aqua tells Ventus to return home instead of going to look for Terra. It's this that results in her inadvertently pushing Ventus away. She certainly does not mean to push him away, but she's so concerned for his safety that she ends up being pretty pushy.

At the same time, Aqua is incredibly loyal. Usually, she maintains a level head and approaches situations calmly. Her excellent sense of judgment, which is rarely wrong, allows her to assess situations. If Aqua perceives a person as threatening, Aqua will approach the problem with Keyblade drawn--otherwise, she doesn't summon her Keyblade if there is no reason to. However, her loyalty is somewhat a double-edged sword. Calm as she can be, if her friends or innocents are threatened, she will absolutely respond with hostility and force. For example, she's not afraid to be aggressive with Vanitas when he mentions her friends. Similarly, when he breaks Terra's wooden Keyblade in Neverland, Aqua essentially goes berserk. She loses her head, calls him a "freak," and doesn't hesitate to engage in battle. She would do anything for her friends, though; she literally fights for them, and after her victory against the Xehanort-possessed Terra, she literally jumps into darkness to save him.

Aqua places a lot of faith in her friends, too. She reacts angrily when Yen Sid tells her that Terra has killed their master, Eraqus--she refuses to believe he's done that until she gets the story from Terra himself. But Aqua doesn't put blind faith in people; if she sees the consequences of someone's actions, she knows that it's undeniable. Specifically, Terra's actions in the worlds worry her, and they sow the seeds of doubt in her heart. She knows Terra has issues with power--she worries about him, though, more than anything. She certainly does not want to see him succumb to the darkness.

She's incessantly stubborn. Maleficent even comments on this: "Xehanort was right. You are a most stubborn girl." Aqua absolutely does not give up on a situation; she sees things through, even at the cost of her own personal well-being. She can come off as slightly high-and-mighty as a combination of her faith, loyalty, and stubbornness; obviously, this doesn't sit well with some people (Hades), and it results in her being an annoyance to certain people's plans. There's a reason Xehanort sent Vanitas to end Aqua's life in the Keyblade Graveyard, after all. When Aqua perceives something that’s been done wrong, she doesn’t let anyone forget it. While Aqua upholds a large amount of respect for authority figures, it doesn’t quite extend to those she thinks have done wrong. Aqua isn’t afraid to lash out and toss a biting remark or two at whoever she perceives as a wrongdoer (Hades and Maleficent, for example). And Aqua has very little respect for those who immediately make her uncomfortable or ping her "bad guy radar"; she can even be resistant to listening to said people, even when they try to convince her otherwise. Aqua is very no-nonsense when she feels offended about something; she doesn’t mince her words, which can come off as annoying at best and insufferable at worst.

A lot of her insistence on being stubborn and not leaving a situation alone is because she's been named a Keyblade Master; and she's been taught that Masters are there to help people and uphold the balance of worlds... which, in the end, results in her taking too much responsibility onto her shoulders. It results in her burdens weighing heavily on her heart; optimistic and faithful as Aqua is, she is not immune from doubts. She worries about her friends during her time on Destiny Islands, and is concerned that they won't be able to weather the conflict she, Terra, and Ventus are going through.

However, Aqua isn't so stubborn that she's unable to adapt. She settles into the role of Master easily, and she's able to blend in with different worlds quickly. She's a generally calming presence, too; often, those in the worlds she visits tend to trust her and put their own faith in her. And Aqua manages to adapt to the most extreme of situations: During her time in the realm of darkness, she manages to hold onto herself and survive (mostly) completely on her own. At the same time, though, she's pretty socially awkward. Aqua is more used to combat, training upholding justice... and when she's being flirted with or asked out on a date, she gets absolutely flustered. She's also very modest; she doesn't call herself "Master" until she fights Terra in Radiant Garden. Aqua downplays her own abilities, despite being a Master; she just does her best. Her best is usually very, very good. She's also very receptive to learning, shown when the Fairy Godmother in Cinderella's world teaches her that darkness and light are not, in reality, black and white.

Abilities: Aqua has been trained to become a Keyblade Master under Eraqus for several years. Thus, though her physical strength is less than her magical strength, Aqua is an incredibly seasoned swordswoman and mage. She also seems to have some experience in archery, as seen in Deep Space when she uses her Keyblade Glider to fight Unversed: She turns it, essentially, into a giant bow from which she fires magical arrows.

Aqua's magical abilities are her true strength. Out of all three playable characters, Aqua has the strongest magic stat and the most obtainable spells. These range from basic elemental spells (fire, ice, thunder, wind) to debuffing (poison, sleep, stun, bind, slow, stop, mini), to healing spells (cure and esuna). Aqua can use spells up to the -aga level, the highest level, and she even gets specialized spells: Triple Firaga, Triple Blizzaga, and Thundaga Shot. Aqua also receives the most magnet spells, too. Aqua can make use of Shotlocks, which are honestly best explained by watching this.

Like her friends, Aqua can use Keyblade armor, activated by touching the armor on her upper arms. This allows her to travel through the Lanes Between, so that she can travel to other worlds on her Keyblade Glider. She also can open rifts pretty much anywhere in order to access the Lanes Between. Because of the nature of these Lanes, where darkness roams free, her Keyblade armor protects her from said darkness.

Aqua's physical abilities include being able to jump exceedingly high, being able to jump yet again after her initial jump (aptly named "Doubleflight"), conjuring a honeycomb, all-surrounding barrier (which she can cast at others to protect them, and depending on what command the player fuses it with, can regenerate her health), and a pretty awesome cartwheel... which can be fused with elemental skills, so she can cartwheel and light stuff on fire. As far as her physical strength is concerned, while her magical strength far exceeds it, she's not the physically weakest playable character; thus while she can be a bit of a glass cannon, she can still dole out heavy hits.

And, of course, Aqua has her Keyblade, which she can summon at will. She also has the ability to change its appearance via keychains, which increase her strength or magic depending on the keychain picked. She can also transform her Keyblade into her Keyblade Glider, a method of transportation used to travel through the Lanes Between.

Alignment: Elios. Aqua does not dislike a lot of people, but when she does, she isn't afraid to show it. Her shining trait, though, is her love--her loyalty and faith stems from it, and Aqua loves her friends deeply above everything else. They're the most important thing to her, and it's her love for them that motivates her through her entire journey.

Other: Nope!


Remember that we ask for samples that show 1) core character portrayal and 2) some use of emotions, such as environmental effect. You can also use the same sample source for both, just make sure to directly link or quote the emotion portion. We highly encourage using the Test Drive, and you can use prompts from the Test Drives, Intro Logs, and the Task board if you need them. Refer to the main application page for links and more suggestions.

General Sample: Here.

Emotion Sample: [ Funny how her first week here involves... this. Seeing them, all over again. Terra, Ventus, Master Eraqus... they're standing in front of her. Aqua's hands tighten around the candle she holds, and the flame flickers before growing brighter, more intense. She figures that's easily explainable; she misses them desperately, more than anything or anyone else. They're always at the forefront of her mind, and her dreams involve them more often than not.

She's tempted to reach out to them. If she does, what will happen? Her hand might pass through as if they're nothing more than smoke, and Aqua is more than smart enough to know there's no way she'll make contact with anything actually solid. Still, the temptation is too much to resist, and Aqua reaches out. The flame grows warmer again; she knows it's silly to hope that she'll be wrong, but she can't help it. An sure enough, her hand passes through the mirage-Terra's hand.

The flame on the candle grows weaker, with just barely enough strength. It's not enough to illuminate much of anything anymore. ]

I should've known, [ Aqua says, and around her, the flowers lose their color. She drops her hand and lets out a quiet sigh. ] If they were here, I'd have found out by now. [ She kneels and places the candle down, then straightens and turns her gaze to the sky. ] But I know, someday, we'll be together again. Terra, Ventus, and me.

[ Aqua brings her hands together, presses them to her chest. The flame of her candle grows a little stronger, and as Aqua closes her eyes, the flowers around her bloom spectacularly and seem to glow. ]

After all... there's always a way.

Questions: None!